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Emerald Coast Exceptional Families provides information on disability-related services in Santa Rosa, Escambia, and Okaloosa Counties as we become aware of them. Information on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement, nor is it comprehensive.  If we are missing a resource, please let us know! 

Supermoms of the Emerald Coast

This group is intended for special needs moms to connect with others who may be dealing with some of the same issues as you are! It doesn't matter what kind of diagnosis you are dealing with....we all can use friendship and support!

Special Needs Okaloosa Walton

We are a group of parents of special needs kids in Okaloosa and Walton County

Mended Little Hearts Pensacola

The Pensacola chapter of Mended Little Hearts is dedicated to providing support to families of children born with Congenital Heart Defects.

NWFL Special Needs Parenting

This is a support group for those parenting children with exceptional needs in the North West Florida region.

Self Care for Special Needs Parents

This is a group for parents of kids with special needs who want to do everything possible so their kids are happy, growing and developing the best they can, and plan their kid’s safe, stable and secure future, while they themselves stay healthy and enjoy the journey without burning out.

Parents of Special Needs Hurlburt/ Eglin/ Duke Field & Surrounding Areas

This group is for parents and caregivers of special needs children at Hurlburt Field, Eglin AFB, and Duke Field. It's a place to go for networking, advice, questions, support, and information without ridicule or judgement.

Pensacola Exceptional Parent Connection

Open to parents of children with varying exceptionalities including Down syndrome, CP, Autism, Spina Bifida, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Down Syndrome Society of West Florida

The Down Syndrome Society of West Florida was established in 2012 as a support group for families of children with Down Syndrome.

Pensacola Parents of Multiples

The Pensacola Parents of Multiples is a non-profit group of parents of twins, triplets and higher order multiples!

E.P.I.C. Families (Exceptional Parents Incredible Children)

We are Exceptional Parents of Incredible Children having epic adventures in Northwest Florida! ALL special needs families are welcome and accepted. We are primarily located in Okaloosa and Walton counties on the Florida Panhandle

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