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It's about all of us

These are the hashtags I'm seeing on social media this week. Coronavirus has finally made it's way to the US, and people are starting to take notice. Unfortunately, many people are not taking this seriously, even right here in our small town. And this SHOULD be taken seriously. This isn't about you and me - it's about all of us.

Take a good long look at these pictures. Extremely cute kids, right? Maybe you know them. Maybe you've seen them at your child's school, or your kid has spoken to them in the grocery store. Other than being cute, these families have one thing in common - they all have serious medical conditions. Epilepsy, autism, immune disorders, childhood cancer, and chromosomal deletions barely scratch the surface. One darling has two disorders, making her the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD to have both of them. Let that sink in...the world.

On a good day, these families fight for health. A common cold for most us means feeling yucky for a few days. For others, it often means a trip to the hospital. The flu is terrifying for medical families, and we know how to prepare for and treat that! So imagine how these families are feeling right now with Coronavirus. No vaccine. No real treatment. No way to know who carries the virus as some people don't show symptoms.

So what can we, as a community, do to help all of us? You've heard the term "social distancing", but what it really should be is "physical distancing". Yes, it's spring break. Yes, schools are closed. Yes, sports are cancelled. Yes, our children are driving us absolutely crazy wanting to see their friends and go places. Despite all these things, we have to distance ourselves for the greater good - for all of us. If you don't believe me, or the medical professionals, take a moment and read this from someone who is currently under lockdown in Italy.

Look at these faces one more time. These families live and thrive in our communities every day. They are part of what makes living here so great. Now ask yourself, "Could I live with myself if something happened and I didn't do all that I could to help?" For me, the answer is "No". I have to know that I have done my part to make it as safe as possible, for all of us. And if that means homeschooling my two autistic/ADHD children, then so be it. That's why we have wine.

So please, take this situation seriously. Physically distance yourself and your family. Be social online. It's about all of us.

PS - The one advantage these kiddos have right now is that their parents already disinfect better than most hospitals. You think your house is clean? You've got nothing on a medical momma!

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